About Geese Police™ Georgia

We are a family owned and operated goose control service in North Georgia.

How it Works

Our zero harm approach is approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Wildlife Service, The Humane Society, and PETA.

We are the top choice for public parks and playgrounds, universities, cemeteries, and government agencies who need goose control in public spaces.

goose control service
On-Site Goose Control Service

We bring our professionally trained border collies to homes, golf courses, public parks, private ponds, municipal water facilities, or anywhere Canada Geese are a problem.

We service North Georgia and the entire Atlanta Metro Area.

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Border Collies Immediately
Get Rid of the Geese

Herding dogs have a natural instinct to drive other animals. But instead of herding livestock into pins for farmers, ours are trained to drive the geese off of your property.

We don't leave until the geese have flown away.

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Repeat Until the Geese Stay Gone

We get rid of geese on our very first visit but they'll often return within a few days.

So do we!
Your favorite restaurant might be good but if you get robbed in the parking lot a few times, you probably won't go back. Geese have the same attitude. Our border collies will make them feel like your property isn't safe so they move on to greener, dog free pastures.

We get rid of geese so you can get back outside.

If you've found our website, we don't have to tell you what a nightmare it can be to share outdoor living spaces with a flock of 12-14 pound birds with up to 6 foot wingspans. Each of them producing nearly two pounds of waste per day. Many of which don't mind intimidating children and small dogs.

Our family owned and operated business only does one thing — goose control — and we do it very well.
Our training, experience, and commitment, have made us the best in the business and Georgia's premier goose control service.

Get Rid of Geese in Georgia
Enjoy the outdoors again with the help of Geese Police Georgia
Family Owned Business

Family Owned

While Geese Police™ is a nationally recognized brand, our Georgia franchise is locally-owned and operated by father-son team, Glen Rittgers and Mike Rittgers.

Glen's registered working border collies, Jan and Breeze, live with him and his wife Pat. Mike's registered working border collie, Lexi, lives with Mike, his wife Amber, and their daughters Lilly and Layla.

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Family Operated

Glen and Mike bring certified goose-dogs Breeze, Jan, Lexi, and Lady to your property and work with them to drive away your goose problem.

You'll never have to worry about getting the inexperienced new guy or finding a manager to fix a problem. You'll always deal directly with owners.

Family Operated Business

Family Treatment

We treat our clients with the respect and commitment we show our relatives. We do good work and offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied after our first two weeks.