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Get Rid of Geese

Dogs with jobs are beautiful things. Goose poop is not.

Lexi, Jan, Breeze, and Lady are working border collies with specialized training for geese. They know exactly how to drive geese away without ever touching them.

We offer guaranteed goose control in north Georgia.
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goose removal
goose removal
goose removal
Working Border Collies
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What We Do

We provide effective, ethical goose control in Georgia

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on-site goose control service
Goose Control Service

We bring our professionally trained border collies to homes, HOAs, public parks, private ponds, municipal water facilities, or anywhere Canada Geese are a problem.

We service North Georgia and the entire Atlanta Metro Area.

goose removal
goose control dogs
Border Collies Immediately
Get Rid of the Geese

Herding dogs have a natural instinct to drive other animals. But instead of herding livestock into pens for farmers, ours are trained to drive the geese off of your property.

We don't leave until the geese have flown away.

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Repeat Until the
Geese Stay Away

We get rid of geese on our very first visit but they'll often return within a few days.

So do we!

Your favorite restaurant might be good but if you get robbed in the parking lot a few times, you probably won't go back. Geese have the same attitude. Our border collies will make them feel like your property isn't safe so they move on to greener, dog free pastures.

Why Choose Us?

We're Georgia's Preferred Solution to Problematic Geese

guarenteed goose control
Reliable Service &
Guaranteed Success

We keep our appointments, arrive on time and ready to work. We don't leave until the geese do.

We are accustomed to properties with restricted access and access only during narrow windows.
We are able to guarantee success because our dogs will drive the geese away as many times as necessary until they stay gone.

goose control dogs
Humane and Ethical

Our approach is approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Wildlife Service, The Humane Society, and PETA.

This is why we are the top choice for public parks and playgrounds. Universities, cemeteries, and government agencies all value our widely-endorsed zero harm approach to goose control in public spaces.

Family Owned & Operated

Geese Police™ is a National brand of goose control service serving 13 states through locally-owned franchises which share an acclaimed procedure for getting rid of geese.

Geese Police Georgia is owned and operated by Glen Rittgers and Mike Rittgers. We're a father-son team and our working border collies are beloved members of our families in Suwanee, Georgia.

trained goose dogs
Highly Trained

Lexi, Jan, Breeze, and Lady are trained professionals. They know their job and how to do it.

goose control dogs
Guaranteed Success

Our dogs will keep chasing away your problem geese until they're gone for good. Guaranteed!

US Fish and Wildlife Approved
USDA Wildlife Service Approved

Our environmentally safe approach to Canada Goose management has been approved by the USDA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Let us show you.

Get in touch so we can learn more about your goose problem and schedule a demonstration with our dogs.

no harm goose control
Zero Injury

Our dogs NEVER bite or physically contact the geese.

goose control dogs
Trusted Experts

Geese Police have been featured on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC, and NBC.

guarenteed goose control
Endorsed by PETA and The Humane Society

Ours is the only approach approved by both PETA and the Humane Society. Our dogs never cause any harm to wildlife; they simply encourage geese to find another place to call home.

Get Rid of Geese in Georgia

Questions & Answers

Georgia has so much good habitat for Canada Geese that being repeatedly driven off by our border collies eventually causes them to move somewhere else permanently. 

If they ever return, or a new flock moves in, give Mike or Glen a call to schedule a return visit.

It’s difficult to assess the length of time as it depends highly upon the site.

We recommend a minimum 6-8 weeks to get a handle on the problem and change the geese’s feeding habits and make them move to another location where they are not harassed. At that time, we will have a better idea of the size of the problem and then determine the length of the services.

We can provide weekly, monthly, or yearly contracts.

We offer a free no obligation demonstration with our dogs to evaluate your site. We will then email you a proposal.


Many of our clients have dogs that bark at or occasionally chase the geese. The difference is in the training. Our specially-trained working border collies are focused and relentless at their task.

Border Collies use a wolf-like gaze called the “eye.” This intense stare influences the flock into flight or movement.

When the geese seek refuge on water, we go in after them. 

Our training and our persistence enables us to go beyond a household pet and effectively drive away even the most stubborn geese. 

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